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We are a niche agency who specialise in Augmented Reality solutions for companies, brands and art institutions. These experiential campaigns can assist companies in customer engagement or even pitch enhancement. We believe that AR should be integrated into any digital presence in the same way the world wide web encourages companies to engage online.
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In a nutshell, AR involves opening an app on your iPhone or iPad and aiming the camera at a picture that could be classified as a piece of art in itself. When the camera detects the picture it attaches a 3D sculpture to it, which you can walk around to view on all sides. But anyone not using the app will see nothing at all. These pictures are known as ‘markers’ or ‘trackables’ and can be anything from a company logo to the Mona Lisa – as long as there’s enough detail for the camera to pick up. We began by commissioning 10 pieces of computer models for our art trail around Brighton town centre. Once the local council cleared permission, Brighton became the first city in the world to feature these physical ‘markers’ on its pavements and in its squares.